Networking tips for your first conference

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Written from the perspective of a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Netherlands.

I wrote this list of tips for networking just after I visited my first conference, where networking was supereasy! And it was FUN! Although Troopers 2017 was an industry conference, the tips should work fine for academic conferences too.

I talked to so many interesting people, people working in infosec from all over the globe. I even managed to help some of them, by answering questions on social media, introducing people to each other, and pointing people to good self-education resources on the internet. I love to help people, so that made the networking activity feel very natural for me. It was not like the picture I had in my head at all (people in suits loudly talking about themselves while scattering business cards at random). I also loved to exchange horror stories about employers or infosec-gone-wrong. And the most fun thing is to form a spontaneous group of conference-friends and explore the local cuisine.

All the tips in no particular order:

I hope you liked this list. I certainly would have liked to read it in 2016! I remember eagerly scanning the internet before my trip, searching for blogposts that could tell me how conferences "work" and what you're supposed to do when you're there. Feel free to share your favorite conference experience or coping method in the comments.