Judith van Stegeren


My name is Judith van Stegeren. I work as a security analyst and researcher in the Netherlands.

My research interests are digital security and formal methods. I also like experimenting with python, writing scrapers and text mining.


My blog is a collection of articles. Here are the most recent entries:


Proceedings papers

  • Herman Geuvers, Wouter Geraedts, Bram Geron, Judith van Stegeren.
    A type system for Continuation Calculus
    EPTCS 164. Proceedings Fifth International Workshop on Classical Logic and Computation. Vienna, Austria. July 13, 2014. Ed. Paulo Oliva, pp. 1-18.



  • "Getting started with malware analysis." #RU Colleges, Nijmegen. 2 November 2016. [slides]
  • "The Future of IT - Shaping a Secure Society", panel participant. NRC Carrière Café, Jaarsbeurs Utrecht. 15 September 2016.